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Jana O’Connor is a Registered Speech-Language Pathologist with Say It SLP Services. With three kids of her own (7-year-old twin girls and a 9-year-old spirited son), she knows how important it is for communication to be running smoothly in a busy family. And when kids can communicate what they need, the whole family benefits. Jana works with toddlers and preschoolers and loves making speech therapy fun through play-based learning, sensory and motor activities, and creative games. Providing in-home therapy and emphasizing family involvement, she strives to coach parents and caregivers in how to make speech and language learning a fun (and realistic) part of daily life!

Jana has eight years of experience diagnosing and treating communication delays and disorders. She can help you figure out whether your child’s ability to both understand and use language is developing typically or whether additional help is needed. She has experience helping children with:

If your child is having difficulty communicating, you don’t have to wait it out. In fact, early intervention is recommended, as it can help get your child on track with his/her peers and significantly reduce frustration. Communication is central to all aspects of school and supporting your child's communication development can make school a smoother and more rewarding learning experience. Contact Jana for more information or to set up an initial consultation. Communication should be fun!

Speaking, listening, reading, and writing
are the processes through which all school
subjects are learned (reading,
​ math, science, social studies, and art).

Concerned about your child's communication?

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Jana O'Connor, RSLP, is an active member of the following professional organizations:

and a licensed registrant of the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC.