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I offer assessment using both formal (e.g., standardized) and informal evaluation of your child's communication abilities in the areas of articulation (speech sounds), language (vocabulary, grammar, etc.), play skills, fluency/stuttering, social communication, pre-literacy, or other areas related to communication. If you are unsure about what's going on but concerned about your child's communication development, a speech and/or langauge assessment is a great place to start.


I provide speech and language therapy to support your child's communication abilities. I use a family-centered, fun approach to therapy so that learning to communicate is enjoyable for your child. Therapy services are delivered online via Zoom and may include digital learning activities, speech and language games, structured practice, and/or parent training.

Report Writing

Comprehensive assessment reports and documentation about therapy goals are included within the cost of the speech and/or language assessment chosen to best evaluate your child's communication skills (information on assessment packages is provided prior to the assessment). I am also able to provide progress reports and other written documentation (e.g., letters to physicians, letters of support for funding applications, etc.) on request.


I am available to meet and collaborate with other caregivers and/or professionals involved in your child's life in order to help them in providing consistent support to your child across different environments. Please inquire about the possibility of consultative support if it is desired.

Programs & Materials

Program development refers to the development of written instructions (for caregivers or other professionals) that detail how to conduct therapeutic activities with your child. Such documents may include activity ideas or data tracking systems. Materials development refers to the provision or creation of any physical, digital, or visual supports required for your child's use during or between therapy sessions (e.g., visual schedules, choice boards, worksheets, word lists, interactive games, etc). *Note: special projects that require significant additional time or cost to complete will be subject to additional fees.

Concerned about your child's communication?

Call Jana O'Connor @ 250-588-8747 for a free phone consultation.

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Jana O'Connor, RSLP, is an active member of the following professional organizations:

and a licensed registrant of the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC.