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Assessment refers to any formal (e.g., standardized) or informal evaluation of your child’s communication abilities in the areas of articulation (speech sounds), language (vocabulary, grammar, etc.), play skills, fluency/stuttering, social communication, pre-literacy, or other domains related to communication.


​Therapy refers to any direct or indirect support of your child’s communication abilities. Therapy will typically occur within your home or chosen location within the community, and may include play-based learning, structured practice, and/or parent training. Most therapy sessions will occur in person but tele-services (e.g., via Skype) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Report Writing

Report writing includes any written documentation regarding your child’s communication skills or needs. This may include assessment reports, therapy goal summaries, progress reports, letters of reference, referrals to other practitioners, or discharge reports. Standard record-keeping (e.g., session data/notes) is included in the cost of a therapy session and is not billed as report writing time.


I am available to meet with other caregivers and/or professionals involved in your child’s life in order to help them in providing consistent support to your child across different environments. My availability for consultative support is limited to my current working hours, which are subject to change. Please inquire about the possibility of consultative support if it is desired.

Program or Materials Development

Program development refers to the development of written instructions for how to conduct therapeutic activities with your child. Such documents may include activity ideas or data tracking systems. Materials development refers to the provision or creation of any physical or visual supports required for your child’s use during or between therapy sessions (e.g., visual schedules, choice boards, token systems, worksheets, word lists, etc).

*Note: special projects that require significant additional time or cost to complete will be subject to additional fees covering the specialized materials needed for their completion (e.g., waterproof paper stock, spiral binding, laminating). Such projects will be discussed in advance and a cost estimate will be agreed upon in writing before the projects are undertaken. Whenever possible, I will endeavour to provide parents with the materials and resources needed and encourage you to develop your own materials in order to reduce billing costs and save time.


As I do not maintain a therapy or office space to conduct my sessions, my expectation is that I will drive to your home or chosen community location in order to conduct any assessment, therapy and/or consultative sessions required. If I am able to drive to your location within 15 minutes, I do not bill separately to cover my driving, gas, or mileage costs. These expenses are included in my hourly rate. Please note that additional charges will apply if my driving time exceeds 15 minutes.

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